Close Control Air Conditioning

Close control is really as the name implies, both temperature, humidity and air cleanliness are closely controlled.

Typical applications are certain equipment or process rooms where any of the three elements must be strictly maintained, these can be for scientific, medical health, pharmaceutical, electronics etc., or even storage of products or materials. Paper is one material that because of its composition can easily shrink or expand, or deteriorate due to changes in temperature and humidity. So in some printing processes and certainly for historical archives, paper has to be protected by close control air conditioning.

Many different forms of close control air conditioning are available from small packaged systems through to large tailored systems specially built on site.

Close control systems have to be very energy wasteful, to achieve the level of control required so should not be considered lightly. It is interesting to note that modern comfort air conditioning systems now also can control space temperature very accurately, so as modern electronics and computer systems are more affected by rate of temperature change than anything else, they normally do not need close control systems.

Every application is different, so ask us – we are always pleased to advise.