Air Conditioning Refurbishment & Retrofit

For Air Conditioning and HVAC systems in London, Surrey, Sussex, Kent, M25 area

Ageing HVAC systems and equipment can be repaired to a point – thereafter it becomes uneconomic in both the ongoing and escalating repair cost and the inefficient use of energy.

Systems using refrigerants R22 and R407C should now be replaced with more energy efficient R410A or the latest R32 heat pump systems.

Even systems which are now just 10 years old or so can be extremely inefficient when compared with the latest systems and developments, manufacturers and regulations are consistently upgrading and improving. It is highly likely you could achieve a 40% or more saving in energy consumption by reviewing existing systems and replacing with the latest proven technology. Our project engineers and managers will be pleased to explain.


Air conditioning, pumps, air handling units, fans now make increasing use of inverters to ensure you are only using the correct and minimal amount of energy when needed. You no longer need to run a system all day at maximum capacity, the use of inverters will achieve significant energy and running cost savings whilst also enhancing your comfort due to increased control.


Controls are being improved and simplified on an almost monthly basis; new system controls can be retrofitted with a very short pay back period. Centralised controls can manage a building energy usage far more efficiently, still allowing individual user intervention and control if required; but ensure central shut down and re-start to suit your requirements. WiFi control is now common and often easy to retrofit allowing iOS or Android phone and tablet apps to manage your home or business.


UK Government is providing tax incentives to encourage adoption of energy efficient heating systems. Systems that provide heating and cooling for commercial premises often attract tax relief through enhanced capital allowances. Residential customers can achieve considerable tax saving by having new heat pump systems. Contact us for more details.


Modern systems utilizing increasingly intelligent control systems as well as the latest technology and with our expertise can provide incredible savings due to reduced running costs.