Residential Air Conditioning

Comfort has over 30 years experience providing quality residential systems. Comfort residential air conditioning cannot be seen, heard or felt! It simply keeps you comfortable all year round – COMFORT?

Consider – If you or your team are looking to design, purchase, develop or build a new home you should seriously be considering the comfort of energy saving heat pump climate control and heat recovery ventilation. This can save you money on running costs and at the same time provide you with a year round comfortable environment. Fresh clean filtered air, reduced humidity and comfort cooling in summer and heat recovery and warm controllable heating in winter.

We operate throughout London and the South East, Surrey, Berkshire, Sussex, Kent, Hampshire, Middlesex, Hertfordshire and have 30 years successful track record of providing quality, technologically advanced energy saving systems for homes of all types and sizes.

We would like to offer you the opportunity to have a free, no obligation survey and discussion about the various options now available. The costs may surprise you, the benefits certainly will.

You have probably experienced some of the benefits, particularly if you have air conditioning in your car or place of work. – Why not have this comfort at home as well?

We can serve a single room, or your entire home, and for the security conscious, you can keep rooms cool and comfortable in summer without opening windows and doors. In an area close to an airport or traffic noise, this could be an added advantage.

Please remember that air conditioning not only cools, it also heats, dehumidifies, ventilates and filters the air.

This website may give you some ideas. There are many other possibilities, so give us a call. Our advisor can call at any mutually convenient time to discuss the available systems and costs.

Please contact us!

Comfort engineers will carefully and skilfully guide you to the right solution for you.

We value your opinions as much as your business.


  • Air conditioning creates a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere in which to rest, play, and work.
  • Provides ventilation and air filtration, which improves air quality.
  • Installation is quick, easy, and mess-free, without causing disruption or the need for redecoration.
  • Systems are unobtrusive and quiet in operation.
  • Total control of cooling and heating at the touch of a button.
  • Installed by experts with a comprehensive range of after-sales and maintenance support.
  • All these benefits improve your lifestyle at a low cost that may surprise you.
  • Removes humidity, lets you sleep peacefully, no more hot, sticky, uncomfortable nights.
  • Keep windows closed in summer, improves security, and cuts down on external noise nuisance.
  • Can remove dust and pollen by the addition of special filters.

Comfort is both Daikin and Mitsubishi Electric Approved