What does it cost?

The cost varies. It depends what you want, or need, and how much you are prepared to compromise to improve your comfort.

At it’s most basic, you can achieve comfort conditions in a small room, say 12? x 12? (4m x 4m) using a mobile or portable air conditioner. They do not suit every application but start at around £299.00 to purchase. Hiring can be a cheaper, short-term solution or leasing can ease the cash flow.

A single-piece, window or through-the-wall unit (not very common) can provide more cooling or heating at cheaper cost, but to this you will have to add the cost of building or glazing work and a correct power supply.

Small split-systems generally start at around £1,500, supplied and installed. These are by far the most common form of air conditioning for small areas and can be fitted in multiples to serve larger areas or buildings.

VRF or VRV are the fully tailored systems to suit buildings generally, and come in a variety of types, and from many manufacturers. Generally as a guide, you should allow anything from £3,500 per typical room to £5,000 per typical room.*

Every application and building is different, so the figures above are only a guide. If you would like a survey and quotation without further obligation, contact us now and we will be pleased to advise both the available options and respective costs.

* Typical room? – there is no such thing – every room is individual. The final cost can be calculated by Comfort to suit your needs and specification.