What is air conditioning?

Air conditioning for buildings falls into two types, comfort air conditioning, sometimes referred to as comfort cooling, and close-control air conditioning.

Both types comprise control of temperature, with or without heating, but always with cooling, plus ventilation and air filtration.

The quality of filtration and ventilation can vary to suit your requirement or your budget, but cooling is always an integral part and is necessary where a build up of heat inside a building will otherwise cause discomfort to occupants or damage to property. Air conditioning in the UK is more common than a lot of people think.

UK weather is often very humid, indeed our rainfall is renowned world-wide. It is the amount of water vapour in the air, which when coupled with warm air temperatures can make most humans very uncomfortable. That hot sticky feeling; lethargy sets in; clothing become uncomfortable.

Cooling not only reduces the air temperature, it also reduces the relative humidity, and this is what provides a comfortable atmosphere.

Humidity control can be added to any air conditioning system, but to control humidity closely, requires a humidifier, some precise electrical/electronic controls, and some rather wasteful use of energy. To provide close-control air conditioning you have to control both temperature and relative humidity levels. To do this you often have to cool the air to reduce the humidity, then re-heat the air so that the temperature is comfortable, then inject more water vapour into the air to bring the humidity back to an acceptable level.

All very expensive, and as we said a waste of energy if not really required. Only a few industrial processes, or very specific electronic equipment, require close-control. If you are not sure about your application – ask us. Computer rooms used to require close-control, but generally this is no longer specified.

Comfort environment can provide any system or equipment to suit your taste or budget. We are approved dealers for most of the major manufacturers and can provide anything from a simple mobile air conditioner to a complete building system with all ancillary services.